Professional, attentive, single-minded and focused

  • Our research Our research

    Set up medical, teaching, scientific research in a large three class a general hospital, is designated by the national health and Family Planning Commission has been developed into a high speed severe diagnosis and treatment guidance center

  • Our doctor Our doctor

    More than 90 years, the hospital has formed a "rigorous, refinement, diligence and dedication" spirit and the creation of a "three lattice"

  • functional recovery functional recovery

    The use of surgery, drugs, medical devices and other medical techniques to repair and reshape the appearance and shape of various parts of the human body.

Kenmind Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. After years of development, it has become a comprehensive medical company integrating medical equipment maintenance and parts supply, medical equipment research and development, production and sales, goods and technology import and export. Kenmind Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has made full use of the advantages of medical resources, realized the integrated utilization of domestic and international medical resources, and has successfully served a number of domestic hospitals and medical institutions by virtue of its technological research and development, technological innovation ability and ric... more

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